Victims of Victims of OHS Studies Expect Superstructure Investment

Citizens Suffered Due to Yht Works Await Superstructure Investment: Citizens who are victimized due to the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line works in Eskişehir are waiting for superstructure investment.

Günay Uras, who made a statement on behalf of the people of the neighborhood, said that there were no pavements and roads after 7 years of infrastructure work. Uras, who was troubled by the dust and soil in the environment, said that 112 Emergency Service teams and firefighters could not enter the neighborhood in a possible situation and said, “There are no roads for people to walk. We waited patiently for the railway to be underground for nearly 7 years, and we did not speak. These studies ended 4 months ago. Now, will we wait another 7 years for the superstructure to be completed? “We cannot find any interlocutors in our meetings”.

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