3. airport construction accident 1 dead

  1. airport construction accident 1 dead: Akpınar village of Eyüp district, a construction site in a construction site flew to the pond.

The construction of the 3 in Eyup Akpinar Village in Istanbul. airport construction work on the construction site, the construction site fell to the pond. After the accident, the operator machine was buried together. On notice, many firefighters and health teams were referred to the scene. Gendarmerie teams also took security measures around. With the help of special suit divers, the work was started to find the disappeared worker in the pond.

Win the knowledge of the accident and the workers working under difficult conditions, indicating that the CHP Tunceli deputy Kamer Young, ANKA said in a statement to the state companies should check the tender, he said. The witness told the witness that a citizen is aware of the arrival of the young, these accidents are not the first stressed. Youth will convey the issue to the agenda of the Parliament, he added.



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