Evaluating the objection of the 3rd and 4th Line Project between Adana - Mersin Stations, Yüksel - Doruk İnşaat joint venture, the JCC decided to take corrective action in the tender.

After evaluating the objection of TCDD Adana - Mersin Stations 3rd and 4th Line Project Yüksel - Doruk İnşaat joint venture, KİK decided to take corrective action in the tender.

New developments have been made regarding the tender of the Turkish State General Directorate of State Railways, "Construction work to add the 3rd and 4th lines next to the existing line between Adana and Mersin Stations".
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Evaluating the objection made by the Yüksel - Doruk İnşaat joint venture on June 03, 2014, KİK decided to take corrective action in the tender.
At this stage, corrective actions will be taken and the result of objection made by Sarıdağlar İnşaat - Pekintaş Yapı joint venture on June 02, 2014 will be expected.
As is known, the bidding date previously announced as 08 July 2014 was postponed to 23 July 2014. The officials we interviewed on the issue noted that the deadline for submission could be postponed again. The full list of firms that won the pre-selection of the tender was as follows:
1. Like Construction - FEB Investment Construction - Building STS Construction
2. Cemiloğlu - Eferay - M. Orman - Vedat Kaya Evsa
3. Cengiz Construction
4. Divers Construction - Nuhoğlu Construction - Transportation Construction
5. Demce Yapı İnşaat - Özaras Grup İnşaat
6. Doğuş Construction
7th Axis Project - Sigma Construction - Öztaş - Akçadağ Construction
8. Erg İnşaat - Türkerler Construction
9. Fermak Construction - Koçoğlu Construction - Harmony Construction Construction
10. Güriş İnşaat - Göçay İnşaat
11. İntekar Yapı - AYK Yol Yapı - Pakyol Construction
12. Kolin Construction - Kalyon Construction
13. Limak Construction
14. Makyol Construction - Gülermak Construction
15. Mapa Construction
16. Nas İnşaat - ENK Yapı - Sistem Elektromekanik
17. Nurol Construction
18. Özaltın Construction
19. Özdemir İnşaat - Ilgaz Construction
20. Polat Road Construction Co.
21. Seza Construction
22. Söğüt İnşaat - YDA Construction
23. STY İnşaat - HGG İnşaat - As-Ka İnşaat
24. Şenbay İnşaat - Özgün Yapı
25. Taşyapı Construction - Ayhanlar Road - Gürşah İnşaat
26. Tisan - Silahtaroğlu - HCG - Atlı İnşaat
27. Yertaş İnşaat - Farsel İnşaat - Mürsel Yapı
28. YSE Construction
29. ZDL Yapı - İnelsan İnşaat - Dido-Ray Yapı
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1188 / 30 June 2014 (APE)

Source : I www.yatirimlar.co


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