2. Abdulhamidin Istanbul projects have been published

  1. Abdulhamidin Istanbul projects book: Sultan 2. Istanbul book on the map and plans of Abdulhamid period; a rich history reveals.

The 94 map and the 56 plan also provide information on the Ottoman period.

The first lines belonging to Marmaray, the project of 100 years, the lands of the Ottoman Empire extending to the Balkans and 19-20. The projects that wanted to be implemented in Istanbul for centuries were brought together in the book Istanbul in the Sultan Abdul Hamid II Era Maps and Plans.

The book revealed 2 maps and 200 plans of 94 years in the collection of Sultan Abdulhamid II. Rare Works Specialist İrfan Dağdelen said, “We are seeing a re-transformation of Istanbul, new large public buildings, new fairgrounds, tube crossing projects, that is, Istanbul was the Ottoman capital, the Ottoman capital, so we can now compete with Paris and London and he wants to design a place suitable for the vision of those cities. we see them in projects, ”he said.


Noting that there are around 150 maps and plans in the book, Dağdelen said, “Among these maps, there are general Ottoman maps that begin with the book primarily Memaliki Osmaniye. "These maps are very important in terms of the emergence of property registrations in terms of importance," he said.

The book includes maps and plans prepared by the order of Sultan Abdulhamid, as well as maps of the sultan's properties in and around Istanbul, zoning activities, drawings of bridges and official offices, military structures and population since the beginning of the 19th century

İrfan Dağdelen said, “During the reign of Abdülhamid II, many intellectual artists came to the classroom and presented their projects. One of the most important of these is the tube crossing project. Since tube passages were generally newly built at that time, it is possible to see the first examples, especially the Galata Tunnel was presented and implemented at that time. One of them is the tube crossing project, the project brought to life with Marmara. "


The oldest map in the book is 1806-1807, and the newest is 1902. When you look at the places and topics of the maps, transportation routes, famous neighborhoods and strategic places can also be identified. In this way, it is easy to determine where and what kind of measures are required.

Sultan 2 prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc. There are also Istanbul Bosphorus maps covering the European, Anatolian and European sides of Edirne, Istanbul and Thessaloniki provinces.



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