17 Rotate Thousand Ton Bridge 106 Degrees

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They Turned the 17 Thousand-Ton Bridge by 106 Degrees: An event that could be called an 'engineering wonder' happened in China recently.

There are more than one "engineering wonder" structure in the world. These structures, which were built for various purposes by spending large amounts of money, emerge as a result of the long-lasting work of engineers, architects and builders. The construction of some buildings is quite different from others. We can cite these as an example of the overpass that took place in Wuhan, China.

The 17 thousand-tonne overpass, which was realized in a different way due to the passage of a high-speed rail road on the lower side, was first built parallel to the railroad, and then was connected to the main road by turning 106 degrees.
It took approximately 15 minutes to connect the 90 meter-wide bridge to the main road.

This method was used for the first time in Asia and the second time in the world. This method was first used in 1968 when Kingsgate Bridge was built in England and the bridge was turned 90 degrees.

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