15 Wagons Carrying Dangerous Goods Derailed in Sweden

15 Wagons Carrying Hazardous Substances Derailed in Sweden: 15 wagons of dangerous goods freight trains in Alby, near Agne, Sweden, derailed all train services in the region have been canceled. Tobias Johansson from the Traffic Board stated that 20 wagon trains had 15 nickel acids derailed and created a danger for the environment. “All train services between Östersund and Sundsval cities were canceled.

Wagons need to be lifted very carefully and the loads on the wagons must be transported by safe trucks. For this reason, it may take a few minutes for train services to return to normal. Those traveling by train will be transported by buses. ” Marcus Grahn, from the District Police Department, said that the reason for the derailment of the wagons was being investigated and said that the experts started investigations at the accident site. Having a train train prevented loss of life.

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