10 km of rail was stolen from the running train line

A 10 km track was stolen from the working train line: 2,3 million worth of 10 km rails of a working train line in South Africa were stolen.

According to the local newspaper The Star, metal thieves knocked the tracks of the line between the city of Johannesburg and the train hangar in Nigel town for several months.

According to the newspaper report, five thieves who were brought to court were arrested by the police who watched the train line üstünde on the job..

Thumbu Mahlangu, a local transport council, stated that thieves are experts in their fields, leaving no traces behind them.

Train companies sözcüMike Asefovitz also confirmed the thieves' 'expertise'.

"Special equipment is needed to cut the train tracks of this size," Asefovitz said.

The value of the stolen rails in the metal scrap market is 120 thousand dollars.

After the theft, the newly produced 34 wagon was trapped in the hangar.

700 is likely to endanger the damage caused by the theft of the rails.

Hangar employees are also concerned about this situation.

Metal theft in South Africa is described as a serious problem that damages hundreds of millions of dollars annually.



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