Attention will go to Turkey for permission to drive

Turkey will go to the drive permission note he began to dream Do not let citizens living in Turkey with vehicles in the summer holidays abroad.
However, citizens entering Turkey, Fast Pass toll highway system applied in Turkey (HGS) by being a victim. Outside the customs gates, HGS cards, which can be obtained from a limited number of sales points, complain to citizens living in Europe.
Citizens living abroad need to obtain HGS card to use the mercenary highways and stick their vehicles on the windshield. However, the problems in providing these cards harassed citizens living abroad. About the issue When talking to France citizen Mustafa Kızıltoprak, last summer with the tool entered the Kapıkule border crossing, he said.
He said he did not take HGS card at Kapıkule because he did not use toll motorway and decided to go to Kapıkule via Istanbul. Kiziltoprak, highway and bridges along the route to use the HGS card from a PTT branch in his hometown tried to obtain but could not provide it.
Kızıltoprak said, abı As soon as I entered the Istanbul province border, I asked the HGS card for every oil station I encountered and got the answer. Since I entered Istanbul in the early hours, PTT branches where HGS card was sold were closed. İstanbul
Kiziltoprak, the Bosphorus Bridge in the Anatolian side of Europe is not aware of the transition to the transition from the Istanbul ring road, he said. Kiziltoprak, the result of intensive work in a gas station in Üsküdar HGS card selling by taking the road continued. HGS citizen Sedat Yildirim, another victim last summer, when it reaches Turkey said that attempts to provide HGS card.
Yildirim said, ine The HGS system was switched to the mercenary highways. You can obtain these HGS cards from PTT branches and some banks. Bu In order to get the HGS card in Istanbul, Sirince and Bağcılar PTT branches went to the PTT telling about the Lightning, officials told him that the bank directed.
After that, citizens of Vakıf Bank, Ziraat Bank and İş Bank branches in the Şirinevler district have received the answer, again. After moving to Izmir, Yildirim said that he had found an HGS card in the Is Bank branch, but the bank officials asked him for his credit card or Is Bank account number. "I do not have my credit card and I do not have the account number in Is Bank HGS card again," he said the victim citizen, the summer holiday period, approaching the problem by drawing attention to approaching the authorities asked them to find a solution as soon as possible.
Speaking to Zaman, İş Bank HGS official reminded that it is possible to obtain HGS cards from İş Bank, however, for this, citizens should either have a credit card or be a current account in their bank. PTT Istanbul Bağcılar branch employee, now they can give HGS card immediately, but the HGS card confirms that there was a general difficulty in obtaining.
PTT officials, the country will enter the country by road to the citizens of PTT branches at the edges of the highway can provide HGS card, he said. If the card can not be provided, the citizens will use HGS lanes of the highways and they will not be punished if they get HGS card within seven days. Authorities, a HGS card provided within this time, the way the citizens used to stop immediately, he said.
It is stated that HGS card can be obtained from some oil stations and Avea dealers except PTT. Authorities, any questions to be experienced with the HGS card e-mail address ​​e-mail, 444 17 88 PTT Call Center or recommended to apply to a PTT branch. Authorities also stated that HGS card can be obtained with the license of a vehicle registered in foreign traffic.

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