Turkey's only rail manufacturer of a new ground Ahead

Kardemir Won TCDD's International Rail Supply Tender
Kardemir Won TCDD's International Rail Supply Tender

Turkey's only rail manufacturer of a new ground Ahead: Turkey's only rail producer Kardemir is still the only manufacturer to be railway wheel with the automotive and the needs of the machinery manufacturing industry to produce quality steel "Rod and Wire Rod Mill" for investment financing by the German KFW IPEX Bank Signed a loan agreement of 138,8 million Euros.

The signing ceremony at Çırağan Palace was attended by Kardemir Chairman Mutullah Yolbulan, Vice President Kamil Güleç, Members of the Board and General Manager Fadıl Demirel and KFW IPEX Bank Industry - Department Head Holger Apel and the officials of the guarantor insurance institutions. In his speech at the signing ceremony, Kardemir General Manager Fadıl Demirel said that with the investments to be made, the product range of Kardemir will be expanded and all steel qualities that the machinery manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry will need, will be produced in Kardemir. Demirel pointed out that the production capacity of crude steel in Kardemir will increase from 5 million tons to 1,8 million tons with the blast furnace and steel mill converter investments to be completed in the second half of the year, and said, “It will produce 3,4 thousand wheels per year. Turkey's consumption of approximately 200 thousand units. 50 times more plants for the production of Turkey's consumption. It will produce 4 wheel per minute and all production will be done with robotic controls. It is a very advanced technology. ”


General Manager Fadil said he would play an important role in closing the investment Demirel of Turkey's current account deficit. Demirel said that Turkey and one of the basic ingredients of investments made in the railway world, he said:

"These investments, which in the closure of the current account deficit problem in Turkey and the Turkish Machinery Industry and especially the one related investments basic necessities of investment in the railways in recent years. Therefore, these two investments will have closed a serious gap in our country. Dolayısıyla

Demirel also announced that they are working on projects that will further increase their production capacity of 3 million tons.


Kardemir's star in the industry that has become an institution KFW IPEX Bank of Industry in Turkey said - the Head of the Department Holger Apel, said they Kardemir's management and workforce much confidence. Holger said, “Kardemir makes significant investments in the transportation infrastructure of the country. As a factory that has been operating for 80 years, they trust us because they know the connector well. We made many agreements last year. First Kardemir A.Ş. We started with Turkey-Germany bilateral relations came to a good point. We trust our partnership very much. The commercial dimension is very important. I wish you success for the project. The importance of success will become evident when the products are launched on the market. ”

Following the speeches, Kardemir Chairman Mutullah Yolbulan, Vice President Kamil Güleç, Board Members and General Manager Fadıl Demirel and KFW IPEX Bank Industry - Department Head Holger Apel, KFW IPEX Bank Metal and Mining Director Stefan Eitel, SACE Istanbul Office President Marco Ferioli, SACE Istanbul Office Analyst Yeliz Tüfekçioğlu signed the contract worth 138,8 million Euros.

In the Rod and Coil Rolling Mill to be established, low and high carbon steels, prestressed concrete steels, high-alloy steels, bearing steels, automat steel, spring steels, welding wires, automotive steels and special bar steels will be produced and the investment will be completed and commissioned in the first half of 2015. and it will be completed in the first half of 2016. 3 will be used for the investment of 13 unit / year capacity Railway Caster Factory with the 93.225.000 Euro part of the total 200.000 year non-payment with 45.533,607 year credit. the Italian insurance company SACE was declared to be the guarantor of the loan.

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