Follow-up of Those Who Bring Their Population to Sivas to Enter TÜDEMSAŞ

TÜDEMSAŞ 'to enter to the population of the Sivas abortion who Tracking: Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc.'s (TÜDEMSAŞ) will take 82 technicians to apply for 246 people and in the specification "Only those who live in Sivas and counties can apply for" allegedly accepting applications from despite writing other provinces investigation was initiated. Authorities took action after many complaints were sent to TÜDEMSAŞ and related institutions, especially the governorship. The fact that the place of birth of more than 60 candidates in the application lists is from other provinces has increased the number of complaints. It is claimed that although TÜDEMSAŞ asked the provincial and district population directorates to be sensitive about this issue before the application was received, some candidates made an application by showing their residence in Sivas. The company officials stated that some of the applicants are from other provinces and that they are also complaining about the issue.

In the last year, when the candidates who received a residence permit from the outside, the applicants who were accepted after the investigation through the security channel were removed from the lists after the 85 candidate was selected from other provinces, and he was taken to Sivas to apply to TÜDEMSAŞ.

The company management, which does not want to encounter the problem of last year, is preparing to investigate the applicants' residence by doing research on the applicants. It is claimed that some people who set up a public pool frequently changed their residences by following up their job purchases in the provinces. Provincial and district Population directorates in the survey to be held in the list of candidates to the residence of Sivas will be examined whether or not. Applicants identified from outside the list will be removed from İşkur will be requested from the list was specified. According to the research, it is stated that the recruitment of workers may be delayed by 1 months and if the study is finished, it is planned to take the exam without entering the month of Ramadan.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 20:28

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