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Transportation in İzmir From the Start: From Sunday, June 29, a new era begins in urban public transportation in İzmir. Aiming to strengthen the transit system by reducing the number of buses in the city center and main arteries, ESHOT General Directorate is implementing the "Redesign of the Transportation System" project. Center, Karşıyaka, Bornova, Buca and Teleferik, including the 5 sub-region of the main region of the 42 major changes in the transport system is going.
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, which set out to reduce the traffic density in the city in İzmir, shorten the waiting time at the stops and increase the alternatives in public transportation, has been implementing the "Redesign of the Transportation System" project as of Sunday, June 29. Within the scope of the project aiming to change our public transportation habits, the Center, KarşıyakaThe transportation system of the 5 sub-region belonging to the 42 main region, including Bornova, Buca and Teleferik, has been redesigned. With the system that will reduce the number of buses in the city center and main arteries and bring the transportation to the city center to the forefront with the transfer system, different options will be offered instead of single line or dependency to go from place to place.
With the new application that will start on Sunday, passengers will be provided with buses according to the facilities offered by the settlements; Izmir Metro and İZBAN stations, ferry ports or bus stops will be moved. It is aimed to reach the city center faster by following the alternative routes from these points.
Ring trips from Üçyol, Konak and Halkapınar to the city center are increasing. It is planned to prevent the congestion caused by having more buses in the center surrounded by this triangle. The bus lines ending in Basmane and Gümrük are removed and the chaos in this region is ended. Existing Konak lines are preserved. With the new application, Alsancak, Çankaya and Basmane regions will be reached by a connecting journey. Bostanlı and Karşıyaka Piers, Egekent, Evka 3, Kemer, Sirinyer, Tinaztepe, F.Altay, Cistern transfer centers, Gaziemir District Garage, Bornova, Üçyol and Halkapınar Metro stations, will be the main transfer centers. Passengers can be transported more frequently in their regions.
Thanks to the project to be implemented under the name of “Redesign of Transportation System”, the traffic load in the city center will be reduced and the waiting and travel time at the stops will be shortened. Separation of passengers with different goals will be ensured. Thus, transportation will gain speed. The main goal of the project is that buses are no longer the backbone of public transportation and are replaced by a rail system gradually. Among the advantages of the project are the reduction of exhaust gas rate, air pollution and reduction of noise and visual pollution at the center.
In the old system, 06.00 trips were made to the center with 09.00 lines between 89-1212. This number reached 4 thousand 16 all day long. With the new system, the number of vehicles passing in one minute will decrease by 72 percent on Şair Eşref Boulevard, 35 percent on Fevzipaşa Boulevard and 56 percent on Gazi Boulevard.
The officials of the General Directorate of ESHOT stated that they are considering the most important elements of public transportation in the redesign of the system and explained the new period with the following words:
“We determined the ideal routes by observing the smart cards used by the passengers and by examining the habits and demands. There is no bus service from every region to the center of modern cities in the world. As Izmir residents, we now know the comfort of the relay system well. Statistics show that 30 percent of passengers complete their journey by boarding the second or third means of transport free of charge within 90 minutes every day. In the beginning we may have difficulty changing our habits, but as we use the new system, we will see that the results are good and we will never look for the old. "
All details of the "Transportation System Redesign" project, in which region and lines the changes were made, the website of the General Directorate of ESHOT published at. Citizens will be able to get information by calling the ESHOT Public Communication Branch Directorate on 285 58 31 for their questions regarding their regions.
Booklet of bus lines and routes valid from 29 June 2014
Bus lines and routes divided into regions valid from 29 June 2014



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