Trans Siberian Railway is a bridge between Europe and Asia

Trans Siberian railway is a bridge between Europe and Asia: The plans to build Trans Siberian railway, the longest railway in the world, were created on June 13, 1891. In the decree issued by the Russian emperor Alexander III that day, it was said: I order to start the railway construction that will pass all over Siberia. This railway should connect the regions of Siberia, which have great natural riches, to the internal railway lines.

Access to the natural wealth of Siberia was very difficult. Even so though in Siberia, the development of 200 years after the start of enterprises and mines, there were ports in the mouths of the Far East and in the mouths of the rivers. Although the sea route is reliable, it takes a lot of time. There was a need for a more rapid connection between the different parts of Siberia and the center of Russia.

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In the taiga forest, in the marshes, the lack of roads was a great sacrifice

Working conditions in the east were particularly difficult. The high engineer Orest Viazemskiy, who was a good expert, was managing the works there. It was difficult to find the workers who would work in railway construction in those places with little population, so the soldiers and the exiles were inevitable. In the construction of the railway, there were as many Chinese and Japanese people as l5 thousand. Orest Ijazemski and his assistants could find common language with all the workers. For the fair and humane behavior of foreigners working in the construction of railroads, the viaducts were given insignia by Chinese and Japanese emperors.

Trans Siberian railway construction was of great importance not only for Russia, but for other countries. The railway line was actually a bridge between Europe and Asia, connecting the capitals of European countries to the largest ports of the East. Even after the air transportation began to develop, it did not lose its role in freight transport in Eurasia. Nowadays the trans-Siberian railway line is moving up to l00 million tonnes per year. However, it was decided to modernize the Trans-Siberian railway because the needs of the transport companies increased. Russia, China, Mongolia, the project of modernization. Attending Belarus, Poland and Germany. It is the purpose of this project to enhance freight transport between Beijing, the capital of China and Hamburg, Germany.

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