Training for traffic detectives

Training for traffic detectives: "Traffic Detectives", which were initiated in Kahramanmaraş as part of the Highways Traffic Safety Strategy and Action Plan, were trained.
"Traffic Detectives" were trained by the Traffic Registration Inspection Branch of the Police Department within the scope of the traffic safety strategy and action plan. In the program held at Yahya Kemal Primary School, the little detectives, who set out after the theoretical training, warned the drivers of the vehicles stopped by the police to wear seat belts and obey the traffic rules.
Answering the questions of the journalists about the project, which is aimed to raise awareness by warning parents, siblings and their relatives who do not obey the traffic rules of children, Nadir Telli, the manager of the Traffic Registration Inspection Department, said that the project expects students to directly comply with the traffic rules and said: “43 first and middle schools in the city center We aim to reach tens of thousands of families with the education given to approximately 9 students at the school. Thus, traffic awareness and awareness will be created in the society. We will ensure that the individuals of tomorrow are already raised and the generations they will raise, the infrastructure is created and the awareness that traffic rules exist not only for vehicle drivers but for everyone.



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