Test runs on Salvador metro line

Trials started on the metro line in Salvador: 2014 2 days before the start of hosting of the World Cup football matches 11 1 in June XNUMX. The trial operation began.

Cumbur President Dilma Rousseff launched the test run at 1 km in Hat 7.6. The 5 station is available in the area between Lapa and Retiro, and the system will run between 12: 00 and 16: 00 in the range of 10 minutes until Monday through Friday. Trial operation, daily operation time will be increased gradually until mid-September will continue.

On the days of the World Cup matches, the business will start five hours before the match ends and after the match, 3 will continue for hours and only the match tickets will be open to the winners.

Construction of the metro was started in 2000 but stopped for a while. It is then restarted at 2013. The 4.3 km section between the remaining Retiro and Piraja is planned to open in January at 2015. The second phase, known as Hat 24, is planned to be completed in 2 spring and will be extended to Salvador International Airport. Line 2017 is also planned to be extended by 1 km to Acesso Norte.

The fleet consists of Mitsu-Hyundai Rotem train sets and was delivered in 2008. Currently, there are six quadruple train sets. This year, Rotem and Iesa were ordered with the 49 train set.


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