Black Sea Target 250 Thousand Ton Asphalt

Black Sea Target 250 Thousand Ton Asphalt: Konya's central Karatay District Mayor Mehmet Hançerli, 2013 thousand tons of asphalt in the 223 target over the target of the asphalt poured in the year, 250 thousand tons of the target will be poured, he said.
Karatay Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, which continues its asphalt works on the streets and streets whose infrastructure has been completed, does not limit its activities to the district center and continues to work both asphalt and hot asphalt in the newly connected neighborhoods.
Karatay Mayor Mehmet Hançerli made a statement on the subject and pointed out that 2013 Thousand Tons of asphalt was poured on the target in 223 and 250 thousand tons was poured this year. Directorate of Science Works asphalt teams Small Kumköprü Street, Akkuyucak Street continuation, Saricami Street, Ozutoprak, Oztokaci, Hamit and Chain Street completed the work of the President Hançerli records, said they spent their efforts to leave asphaltless streets and streets across the county. Asphalt finished streets and streets of the Metropolitan Municipality stating that the road lines drawn Hançerli, municipal teams renewed the asphalt of the old and deformed streets and streets on the other hand continued the work of the tretuvar said.
21 Karatay aims to serve the people of the district in more modern facilities. century to record that the President Hançerli, "Our duty to the best way to evaluate the trust given to us by our fellow countrymen is to remove the peak," he said.
The dagger also asked the citizens of the poured asphalt to belong to them and show them the necessary care and self-sacrifice.

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