President Aydın Supports Tüdemsaş Project

President Aydın's Support to Tudemsaş Project: Mayor Sami Aydın made a return visit to TSO. Deputy Mayors and Parliament Speaker Necati Şahin and members of the Board of Directors attended the visit. During the visit, Tudemsas and 2 were evaluated in order to increase the investments in Sivas. Mutual views were exchanged about OIZ. Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) Chairman Osman Yildirim's Tudemsas factory 2. Mayor Sami Aydın supported the proposal to move to a modern factory to be established in the OIZ. President Aydın,, If Tudemsash cannot improve and renew itself in the future, it will fall into a downward trend and disappear. Steps need to be taken in order to improve itself, Bun he said.


Id He is the local ruler of the city that developed a city, ir said Mayor Osman Yildirim. The minister and political support are very important, but if local governments do not co-operate or act jointly, then failure is inevitable. We look at the developed provinces in Turkey in the region who are that strong mayor. With this awareness, we were with all of our presidents. We will continue to support you as well. If we all live in Sivas, everyone has to show their endeavor. Hep


Yıldırım stated that the city needs a new excitement for its targets in 2023. Olduğun There is a big race not only between countries but also between provinces. Republican 100. If we want to enter the first her, and achieve our goals, we have to jointly act together. As a result of our common movement in the past, the subjects we have followed succeeded. We need to get back to work with new excitement. ”Yıldırım said, lazım Sivas is a big railway city in the past. There's a substructure from the master to his master. To date, we have not been able to assess this potential very well. There is an intense need for railways in the world. Especially in Europe, cars are being renovated due to the aging of the wagons. We need to make good use of this. We need to offer land to investors in the qualities they want. They want the land in which they can enter the railways of their factories. If we can offer these facilities, factories will be opened to fold the Tudemsas factory 3-5. Bu


Aş For the development of urbanism and the growth of Tudemsas, the railroads need to get out of the city. Tudemsash is very important for us. We have people who have eaten bread from this factory. We see that the factory has lost this importance. If it goes like this, it's not gonna end well. For that reason, we must be involved. Factory land should be allocated to our municipality.


State Railways and TÜDEMSAŞ as requested by the product variety of capacity and quality after installing a plant in the factory should be moved to the same way employees, where our municipality should remain. Public institutions are now specialized. This is the case in the world. As far as we can. If this area is special, I believe that they will look at the factory in the fall because of its valuable land. We say that we will save both Sivas and our factory. If there is a rent of the people of Sivas get. This suggestion is made through our municipality. We've got girls on this. They say you want to close the factory. Turning off the factory is a treason. We want the factory to be better.


Mayor Sami Aydın said that TSO is the locomotive of the city and added:: Our Chamber of Commerce and Industry is very important for the economy and future of our Sivas. We care about the views of our room. We think that they should have a say in every subject related to Sivas. The development of our Sivas can be up to some point with the efficient work of public institutions. The important thing is to ensure the development of the private sector in Sivas. In this sense, we think TSO is the locomotive for Sivas. Produced in Sivas, Turkey, or even whether we have a strong brand to compete with firms that passed in front of the world. In front of the process in order to open the way for investment in Sivas, under the leadership of the governor of our Municipality, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry should start a new formation.


Especially 2. We have to offer the OIZ to our city as a privileged project. We need to offer the advantages to the investor in others. We aim for the trains to enter each parcel. When we achieve this, we will be an example to Turkey. Shipping holds a place of importance. Therefore, investors will prefer Sivas. We will strive to improve the OIZ and increase investments.


If Tüdemsaş cannot improve and renew itself in the future, it will tend to shrink and disappear with each passing day. It is necessary to take steps to improve itself. The right setup, the right planning and the right time. 2. Plans and momentum OSB as we aim kazanIf we do, it will be very easy for TÜDEMSA to first construct new buildings in that area and then move it there. We need to give an opportunity to the developments that are blocking this situation right now.

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