Fast Train Saboteurs Must Be Displayed

High Speed ​​Train Sabotaji should be exhibited: The high-speed train from Ankara to Istanbul was to be put into service at 2001. One of the companies entering the tender for the Ankara Administrative Court filed a case after 5 year. As a result, Ankara came into operation between Eskişehir.

Road construction between Eskişehir Istanbul was delayed. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman should explain this in his web pages in a broad way.

Some left view bureaucrats and judges do not do good work during the AK Party, almost indirect attitude to take, blocking. It is as if the Social Democrats, the Communists, will not board the fast train. The project is not Ak Parti property. State project. Transportation investment with our taxes.

29 May 2014 Eskişehir Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) was to be opened by the Prime Minister. The highs sabotaged the high-speed train. They cut the signaling cables. They stole.

80 betrayed the million Turks. Turkish tourism, sabotaged tourism income.

The cables are broken hands

Sapanca, Kırkpınar, Batak locations because of those who cut the cables because the 1 month delayed our train faster. But it's coming, God willing.


The state should act militarist when necessary! This 4 was caught low. 24 has a criminal record of different crimes. 25-year-old Hasan G. XINX-age Çetin T. (News press appeared like this) No surnames!

You have the freedom to play the train cable! No freedom to write the surname of the thieves in the news!

The members of the parliament have identified these names. He should be exhibiting at his press conference.

If I was a deputy. I would make lunch.

News Hurriyet and Sabah came out like this. His last names are hidden. However, this traitor name, surname, place of birth, date, father, mother name, registered place of the population. The neighborhood where he lives. It should be published with pictures. They should be broadcasted live on TV.

That we cannot betray the goods, investments taken with our taxes. Don't steal.

It lights up. The player is exposed. The infamous way of playing should be dominated.

When I meet with General Director of TCDD, Süleyman Karaman, I will publish all the information of these people. Anadolu Agency, TRT should do the same way. These people should serve the world with the exhibitionist news. State extension of nation-state goods should not be impunity.

Tourism season began.

If YHT worked. Thousands of local and foreign tourists coming to Istanbul would travel by train and be happy. He will have confidence in his state. He would see that his taxes were used for good deeds.

She was pregnant for the next good days and they had an abortion ...

In the state he must castrate the thieves.

One of the greatest passions of mankind is to travel. When the steam locomotive was invented, the meaning of transportation and travel changed. The steam locomotive manufactured in 1804 for the first time has gradually developed and became known today after 1830.

The first passenger carrying steam locomotive, 39, had received a speed of 20 km per hour. Maybe it wasn't very confortable but it was clear that it was more comfortable than going on horseback.


Until the advent of motor vehicles in the 20th century, transportation was mostly provided by railways. Railway companies in Europe and America started to serve with trains reaching speeds of up to 1933 km per hour in the 160s. These services were capable of competing with the aircraft of the era. However, the Second World War prevented these services from continuing. Although the war puts a temporary obstacle to this pace, the Japanese, who started to make a difference in technology after the Second World War, set a record. The Ro-mancecar 145 SSE, which travels at 3000 km / h, has reached the highest speed among the narrow-gauge trains in Tokyo. This success gave Japanese designers the confidence that they could reach even higher speeds with trains with standard track spacing.

200 KM

The world's first high-speed train was Japan's Tokaido Shinkansen, which started at 1959 and completed at 1964. This train was able to drive 200 miles per hour between Tokyo and Osaka. The first high-speed train line in Europe was implemented between Paris and Lyon in 1981. An 300 speed was reached on this line.

Now rail travels have another meaning. The race against time started on the tracks after the aircraft, albeit with a little delay.


Let hundreds of Malatya fellow citizens know about it in America. Our Eastern Anatolian provinces develop and grow day by day. Domestic and foreign companies continue to invest. Unemployment is falling.

Upper-class hotel brand DoubleTree by Hilton's newest hotel in Turkey was opened in Malatya. The 18-storey hotel has 202 rooms overlooking the city skyline. DoubleTree by Hilton Global Head of John Greenleaf, "Turkey is a very exciting and important market for us. We are excited to add Malatya to our portfolio. "We look forward to serving our guests as we do at our 370 hotels around the world."

Continue to invest, produce, develop.

Illustration of TCDD GM. Suleyman Karaman talking to Dursun Boran with high speed train.



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