Pebble Solution for Heat Melting Asphalt

Pebble Solution for Hot Melting Asphalt: A gravelly solution came from the municipality for the hot melting asphalt in Korkuteli.
Korkuteli Municipality teams poured fine gravel on the asphalt that melted in Korkuteli district center and Korkuteli-Antalya, Korkuteli-Bucak roads. Asphalt roads started to melt in Korkuteli, where the weather was above seasonal norms and thermometers showed 38 degrees. Korkuteli-Antalya Imrahor Çağıllık location, Korkuteli industrial road, the asphalt melted due to the increase in temperatures. Korkuteli Municipality is trying to prevent deformation by pouring sand and gravel on the melting asphalt.


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