Passenger transported as much as China and US population by public transportation in Istanbul

Public transport in Istanbul, China and the US population moved up passengers: the city last year, buses, metrobus, ferry and rail systems with the public transportation vehicles 1 billion 602 million 262 thousand 915 people made the trip.

In Istanbul last year, the 115 floor of the city's population, which is the most populous country of China and the United States, traveled to 1 billion 602 million 262 billion 915 people.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, the citizens preferred the most public transport vehicles serving within the IETT. Accordingly, buses, metrobus and nostalgic trams last year 1 billion 141 million 474 thousand 842 people used.

402 306 625 58 481 448 XNUMX people with rail, such as metro, tram and ropeways, all-time record was broken. XNUMX million XNUMX thousand XNUMX people have traveled with City Lines and IDO steamers.

Private public buses were the most preferred public transport in Istanbul. Accordingly, the number of people traveling on private buses, Turkey amounted to 7 million, corresponding to approximately 476 506 303 thousand times the population.

Citizens in the second place in favor of public transportation subway took place. Last year, 4 service 232 155 789 thousand 89 people moved in the main metro line. In this area, Şişli-Hacıosman metro line with 823 million 182 thousand XNUMX people settled in first place.

Metrobus also made 232 million 679 people journey last year 265.

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