Scored the Scenario of the Logistics Center

The students of the Department of City and Regional Planning of Gazi University Faculty of Architecture have chosen Kars as a working field and drew the scenarios on the development of the city.

In the 2013-2014 academic year, students of Gazi University Faculty of Architecture, City and Regional Planning Department chose Kars as a working area and drew their scenarios on the development of the city. Drawing the scenario of the logistic center, whose project could not be drawn for years, did not miss attention.

6 lecturer 36, who met with journalists and deputy mayors in the meeting hall of the Municipality of Kars Municipality; he shared his plans for the determination of the economic, social, cultural and physical processes related to the whole city and its surroundings to the press and the municipal authorities. They presented the plans for the future of Kars to the production of scenarios and development plans, the city's population size, the sectoral distribution of the working population, the central stages, the development plans which consisted of two or more options and the works of spatial dimensions.

Assoc. Dr. Kübra Cihangir Çam, said that their work is not for educational purposes, it is important to ensure that the vision of the region is open. . That's why we care about these exhibitions and works. If local government demands this, we do our work and exhibitions. For the first time in a long time, Kars Municipality has upheld us in this regard. Uzun

Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Varol stated that they did not know what kind of Kars they would encounter when they first came, and said, bir Our students were very strangers. But especially we are taking students to do on-site research. Because the social, economic structure of each city is very different from each other. Yap

In the section where the students announced their projects, he drew attention to drawing the scenario of the resulting logistics center, not to mention the power project called for the elections in Kars and the foundation of the 2011 elections.

Deputy Mayor of Kars, Arda Soner Tatlı said that upon the question of journalists, they are the followers of the logistics center and after the completion of the site selection works, the projects will be carried out by the General Directorate of State Railways in the Organized Industrial Zone. Sweet, m Project selection studies were not completed. As the municipality, we are the only board of directors in this business. Biz

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