Turning off PER-PA metrobus station

PER-PA metrobus station is shutting down: Within the scope of efforts to make Metrobus stations more comfortable in terms of pedestrian and disabled use and access, Darülaceze (PER-PA) Station will not be used for 45 days.
In a statement made by the IMM, it was said:
* Talatpaşa Bridge feet, D-100 narrowing the road due to the collapse of the road, in the context of rebuilding works, Darülaceze (PER-PA) Metrobus Station, the citizens of the temporary pedestrian overpass is removed to prevent victims. After this stage;
* Renovated Talatpaşa Bridge Metrobus Station to access the pedestrian and pedestrian 6 meter-wide, 8 meter-long Platform to be added.
* Tourniquets will be moved to the platform.
* Pedestrian ramp to access the station.
* Within the scope of these studies, Metrobüs Station will be renewed.
* With this work to be done, our disabled citizens will also have access to Darülaceze (PER-PA) Metrobüs Station in a comfortable manner.
* 17 June 2014 will start on Tuesday at 00.00 (Tuesday night connecting to Tuesday) and HU (PER-PA) Metrobus Station will not be available for 45 days, due to the work that will take 45 days.


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