Male interest in Pink Tram

pink tram
pink tram

Pink Trolley 's Male Relevance: SP Provincial Organization members in the Republic Square' We want a pink tram for the use of women 'has launched a signature campaign. President Mahmut Arikan made statements. Arıkan for the pink tram “The citizens we talked to about this issue conveyed to us that there is such a need.

Our brothers, sisters, aunts, pregnant women, elderly people who are traveling by tram in the morning and evening are experiencing difficulties. They asked us to work on this issue and demanded a pink tram. We have initiated a petition for the addition of pink tramways for women to existing wagons to deliver this request to the competent and competent authorities. Thanks to this wagon, our brothers and sisters can easily get on the trams. In other words, women can travel by pink tram if they want. Pink tram travels will be eliminated. We will make an effort in this regard as the Felicity Party, and will be followed by the addition of existing wagons on the pink tramway. Bu

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