Pedestrian Pavement Study in Derbent within the scope of YHT study

The Pedestrian Pavement Study in Derbent within the scope of YHT study: In Kartepe, teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs continue to arrange the pedestrian sidewalks in different parts of the district without slowing down.

The teams aim to offer the pedestrian pavement work to be completed by the end of the month and to offer the service to the people of the region.

The teams affiliated to the Kartepe Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs make the best use of the beautiful weather with the arrangements they made to ensure pedestrian safety within the scope of superstructure planning. The teams accelerated the pavement works to ensure pedestrian safety on the bridge route, which provides the connection between Acısu and Derbent and was renewed within the scope of YHT works.

In Derbent, which is a part of the pedestrian sidewalk work on the main artery routes, the teams built a 40 to 1.5 meters long retaining wall at the entrance of the bridge to the 3.5-meter-long route. Between the old bridge and the new bridge, it is aimed to complete the 40 meter wide pedestrian pavement works by the end of the month by laying locked paving stones of a total length of 80 meters, including a 1.5 meter long sidewalk.

Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez pointed out that the works that prioritize pedestrian safety in road improvement arrangements in Kartepe are continuing uninterruptedly and said, “The road improvement works on the routes that we see are missing are continuing by our road maintenance teams. We do not neglect pedestrian safety in the works that are carried out in the form of patch asphalt and interlocking parquet flooring. We have mobilized our teams to provide the services worthy of our people. “Improvement works will be completed one by one on the requested and needed routes”.




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