Pavement and asphalt mobilization in Kecioren is in full swing

The pavement and the asphalt campaign in Kecioren continues at full speed: Keçiören Municipality continues its campaign to eliminate the problems experienced in the accumulation of years from asphalt to paving, border to tretuvara and walkways in the district. With the infrastructure works of the municipality, the streets and streets are changing and flourishing, while the Keçiören districts enjoy the happiness of sitting in a clean, comfortable and peaceful district.
Keçiören Municipality, which gives great importance to urban aesthetics, renewed all the pavements in Pınarbaşı neighborhood. Pınarbaşı Quarter Main Street ongoing pavement works in the Municipality of Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak also examined the on-site inspections. Çelebi and 14 of Basınevleri Quarter. Street with Bağlarbaşı Quarter 479. Asphalt paving and road laying works on the street have been completed.
Turkey's largest district Kecioren of over 3 thousand streets and alleys with a very large metropolis was pointed out that President Mustafa Ak, previous years of recalling the accumulation of the county in a serious asphalt shortage "many asphalt serious deterioration in the general Kecioren to have occurred, "This problem, which was wanted to be solved only by patching works, has reached its peak as of the past years." Emphasizing that Keçiören is a rapidly growing district, Mayor Ak said, “Infrastructure works are of great importance in the development process of a city and a region. It is not possible to talk about a healthy urbanization in a city where the infrastructure is insufficient. Considering this development and growth, we, as Keçiören Municipality, give priority to infrastructure services. Our aim is to minimize the infrastructure problems in Keçiören ”.

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