mass transport throughout the holiday in izmir

Transfer System Started in İzmir Urban Public Transportation

The transfer system started in İzmir urban public transportation: The first reactions to the transfer system by reducing the number of buses in the city center and main arteries were not positive. Within the scope of the project, the Center, KarşıyakaChanges were made in the transportation system of 5 sub-regions belonging to 42 main regions, namely Bornova, Buca and Cable Car. Reducing the traffic density in the city, shortening the waiting time at the stops and [more…]


Power from the Sun 19 Exported to the Country

Powered by the Sun and Exported to 19 Countries: A company from Ankara, which produces solar-powered traffic signaling and smart transportation systems, has succeeded in exporting to 3 countries in 19 years. With the importance of renewable energy sources in recent years, the number of companies that focus on the production of solar energy products has also increased. Activity in the field of traffic signaling equipment [more…]

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DB Schenker with Cologne Çerkezköy started freight transportation

DB Schenker with Cologne Çerkezköy started freight transportation between Trains are equipped with double-pocketed special wagons to carry semi-trailers. Previously, in September 2013, DB Schenker Rail started to provide shuttle, container and wagon cargo services between Germany and the Bosphorus. This connection is made with Ulusoy Logistics, which has moved its current traffic from road to railway. [more…]

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The first iftar opened under the sea took place in Marmaray

The first iftar opened under the sea was held in Marmaray: The first iftar opened under the sea in Turkey was held in Marmaray. Those who were on the Marmaray 60 meters below the Bosphorus at the time of iftar broke their fast by drinking water. The first iftar under the sea in Turkey was held on Marmaray. Those who were on the Marmaray 60 meters below the Bosphorus at the time of iftar broke their fast by drinking water. A first in Turkey with the arrival of Ramadan [more…]


New Investment Constructions Continue in KARDEMİR

New Investment Constructions Continue in KARDEMİR: KARDEMİR A.Ş, which has made a strong impression with the investments it has made in recent years, has accelerated the construction works of its Rod and Coil Rolling Mill and Wheel Factory investments. Being the only rail producer in Turkey and the region, KARDEMİR mainly appeals to the automotive and machinery manufacturing industries in its Çubuk and Coil Rolling Mill with an annual capacity of 700 thousand tons. [more…]

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DTD Combined Transport and Railway and Dangerous Goods Transport Seminar was held

DTD Combined Transport and Dangerous Goods Transport Seminar Held by Rail: The second of the trainings held within the scope of the "Management and Executive Candidates Academy" 2014 Training Period of the Railway Transport Association (DTD) was held on 21 June 2014 in Byotell Istanbul. The interest and participation of the sector in the seminar on "Combined Transportation and Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail" was intense. His first presentation at the seminar “Hazardous Substance [more…]

Iran and Afghanistan signed a memorandum of understanding in the railway sector
94 Afghanistan

Iran and Afghanistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the Railway Sector

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways and the Afghanistan Railways Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding. According to the signed agreement, Iran will provide training support for the development and expansion of Afghanistan's railways. In Afghanistan, there is a 75 km long railway connecting Uzbekistan to Mazar-i-Sharif. In addition, a railway from Turkmenistan has a branch that crosses the border. Currently, a railway is under construction between Iran and Herat. [more…]

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Balçova Cable Car Line 8 Closed for Years

Balçova Cable Car Line Closed for 8 Years: AK Party Balçova District President Temel Yıldırım called out to the Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and demanded that the Balçova Municipality, which was seized by the September 12 military coup, return its properties to Balçova. Yıldırım said, "Does Kocaoğlu, who wants the properties of the Special Provincial Administration, think of returning the properties of Balçova, which was seized and almost usurped by the September 12 coup?" he asked. [more…]

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Şentepe-Yenimahalle Great interest in the cable car

Great interest in Şentepe-Yenimahalle Cable Car: 10 thousand citizens benefited from Şentepe-Yenimahalle cable car, which is Turkey's first public transportation cable car, which was built by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, in just 150 days. After the test drives for safety reasons, the first stage of the Şentepe-Yenimahalle cable car, which was put into service with a ceremony attended by Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek, last week, was opened to visitors from the capital city and visitors from outside the city. [more…]

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Istanbul-Ankara YHT Line Test Run Continues

Test Flights Continue on Istanbul-Ankara YHT Line: Work on the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line, which will reduce the Istanbul-Ankara train journey from 7 to 3 hours, has reached the final stage. The work on the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line, which will reduce the Istanbul-Ankara train journey from 7 to 3 hours, has reached the final stage. Test flights of trains continue on the YHT Line, which is planned to be put into service on July 5 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. [more…]

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Private lines and 24-hour voyage from IETT to Ramadan

Special lines and 24-hour service from IETT to Ramadan: The "Ramadan Line", which IETT puts into service every Ramadan, will also make flights this year. While some lines are arranged to operate for 24 hours, special lines for Ramadan will organize ring flights with 15-minute intervals. In addition, this year, lines will be placed to metrobus stops, one of the special activity areas. People living in IETT Istanbul [more…]


TÜVASAŞ ranks 10 among public institutions

TÜVASAŞ ranks 10th among public institutions: Turkey Wagon Sanayii AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager Erol İnal stated that their goal is to increase sales from 338 million 800 thousand liras last year to 1 billion liras in net production. İnal, in his written statement, is the 500th among public institutions in Turkey's Top 10 Industrial Enterprises research prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). [more…]

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Developed Pantograph for 3 kV in Poland

Pantograph developed for 3 kV in Poland: Poland developed pantograph for 3 kV overhead line. This 160EC pantograph was developed by EC Engineering and is now certified to TSI requirements. Certification procedures were carried out by Poland's Instytut Koljnictwa institution. Certification-related tests were carried out at the Instytut Ltnictwa test facilities in Warsaw. This 3 kV pantograph [more…]

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Fire Protection and Security in Tunnels 2014 - In-Fire Fire Protection Conference

Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2014 – In-Tunnel Fire Protection Conference: The program will focus on new technologies such as integrated tunnel safety systems in highway tunnels, and tunnel lighting solutions. A representative of the European Railway Agency will handle the TSI directives (International operating technical specification). Join us at this annual conference and discuss key industry topics. [more…]


Interstate Roadside Landfill

Inter-City Roadside Garbage: While the garbage left on the inter-city roadside causes complaints, it was asked to be sensitive about this issue. Those who see the garbage bags left on the side of the intercity road in the Tavşantepe area of ​​the Kayseri highway react. In particular, it is requested that the garbage bags left by the buses running between the cities be removed. In Tavşantepe locality, it is forbidden to dump garbage and rubble. Legal on non-compliance [more…]


Light Looked In Malatya Karahan Tunnel

Light Appeared in Malatya Karahan Tunnel: The Governor of Malatya, Vasip Şahin, with his delegation, made investigations in the Karahan Tunnel, which is under construction on the Malatya-Kayseri highway. According to a written statement from the Malatya Governor's Office, the excavations in the left tube of the tunnel ended during Şahin's investigations. Şahin, who received information about the works from the authorities, stated that the drilling operations in the right tube will be completed towards the end of the year and said, “Works are continuing rapidly. tunnel, most [more…]

Asphalt News

Polatlı Municipality initiated asphalt works

Polatlı Municipality started asphalt works: Polatlı Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs asphalt teams started the asphalt season with the work they carried out from Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Menteşe and Selçuk streets. The Municipality Asphalt Paving Team will carry out asphalt paving and patching work on the connected streets, especially on Kazım Karabekir and Aliriza Uzunbeyli streets. Polatlı Municipality Science Affairs teams, which started the asphalt work in Cumhuriyet District, met the need in the city. [more…]

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3rd longest suspension bridge opens in the Southeast

The 3rd longest suspension bridge opens in the Southeast: The Ministry of Transport opens the Nissibi Bridge, Turkey's 3rd longest suspension bridge, at the end of the year. The bridge will give life to the Southeast. The government, which aims high in transportation, has accelerated the bridges in the needed regions of Turkey, while saying divided road and railway. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, crossed Turkey with bridges for uninterrupted transportation. [more…]

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Nissibi Bridge will be the landmark

Nissibi Bridge will be a turning point: Mayor of Kahta Abdurrahman Toprak said that Nissibi Bridge, which has reached the final stage in its construction, will be a turning point for the district. In his statement to reporters, Toprak said that the Nissibi Bridge, which will shorten the road distance between Adıyaman and Diyarbakır, will contribute to the economy of the Southeastern Anatolia region. Stating that concrete will be poured from Adıyaman to Nissibi Bridge, Toprak said: “With Kahta [more…]


Adnan Köklükaya, Deputy General Manager for Highways

Adnan Köklükaya was appointed as Deputy General Manager of Highways: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan appointed his adviser Adnan Köklükaya to the Vice General Manager position at the General Directorate of Highways. Bayram Şahin was appointed as the Consultant instead of Köklükaya. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, appointed the Ministry Counselor Adnan Köklükaya as Deputy Director General of Highways. President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep [more…]


Button pressed for first private highway

The button was pressed for the first private highway: Cahit Turhan, General Manager of Highways, stated that they plan to tender the connection roads of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model until the end of the year, and said, “The tender preparation works have been completed. After the approval of the Undersecretariat of Treasury, we will make an announcement in July.” Explaining that the construction of new roads is inevitable as the number of vehicles increases, Turhan said, “The standard of the existing roads [more…]


Traffic signs became target board

Traffic signs became the target board: While the traffic signs on the Gölcük road, one of the most visited tourism places of our city, are riddled with guns and shotguns by unscrupulous citizens, some of the signs have been distorted by throwing pellets with rifles. Officials of the 41st Branch Chief of Highways, “Around 30 thousand traffic signs are destroyed with guns throughout Turkey every year” [more…]

Asphalt News

Pay attention to the residents! Reflecting Uludağ Road

Citizens of Bursa beware! Uludag Road is being renewed: After the cable car renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality, the efforts to ease the transportation to Uludag by road started. While the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways started asphalt renewal works on Uludağ Road after 18 years, Governor Münir Karaloğlu said that 26 kilometers of the road will be completed this year. Uludag, nominated to be Turkey's Davos, is to be a summer and winter attraction center by road. [more…]


Work Continues on Korkuteli-Bucak Road

Work Continues on Korkuteli-Bucak Road: Paving works continue on the divided road between Garipçe-Industry Junction, located between Korkuteli-Bucak of the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways. While the road between Garipce-Bozova Neighborhood is asphalted and opened to traffic, work continues between Büyükköy Junction and Yelten Junction. It was stated that the ongoing works under the supervision of the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways are planned to be completed on August 31, 2014. Korkuteli, which was tendered [more…]

Asphalt News

Construction of Göynük Roads

The construction of Göynük roads is started: Hot asphalt coating works, known as Bituminous Hot Mixture, were started on the Sakarya-Taraklı-Göynük highway route, instead of the surface coating on the existing access road starting from the Sakarya provincial border. Making a statement on the subject, Mayor of Göynük, Kemal Kazan, said, "According to the information given by the 4th Regional Directorate of Highways, the 21km Sakarya-Taraklı-Göynük route, which has been a problem for years in transportation to our district, [more…]