Nostalgic Tram In Bursa Hit A Car

Nostalgic Tram in Bursa Slammed a Vehicle: A Nostalgic tram vehicle crashing into a vehicle parked on Cumhuriyet Avenue in the city center of Bursa caused material damage.

There was a financially damaged accident on Cumhuriyet Avenue, which was closed to motor vehicle traffic outside of certain hours.

At the time of the 10.00 in the accident, the tram and crashed the property of the car.

According to information obtained from the 16 JUJ 66 car parked on the tramway between the two rails while standing in the back of the tram while trying to pass the vehicle was hit by the vehicle.

The tram operator stopped by the tram operator who noticed the car owner's warning and the accident.

In both vehicles, there were no casualties or casualties in the accident, and the passengers in the tram experienced great panic.

In spite of the constant warnings about not leaving the car on the tramway, parking of the vehicles on the tram road causes such accidents to occur continuously.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 20:47

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