Nissibi Bridge will be the landmark

📩 24/12/2018 16:34

Nissibi Bridge will be the turning point: Kahta Mayor Abdurrahman Toprak said that the Nissibi Bridge will be a turning point for the district when the final stage of its construction is reached.
Toprak told reporters that the Nissibi Bridge, which will shorten the highway distance between Adıyaman and Diyarbakır, will contribute to the economy of the Southeastern Anatolia region.
Stating that concrete will be poured from Adıyaman to Nissibi Bridge, Toprak said:
“The tender phase of the road between Kahta and the bridge is about to end. Our new district of Kahta, which has been in a blind spot for years, will now be liberated by building a new and short road. Thanks to the policy of service to the citizen, which the AK Party has pointed out, our people started to serve. Hamdolsun You have 5 hardworking deputies who represent our Adıyaman and us. The opening of the Nissibi Bridge will take place in a few months. Of course, along with the bridge, the works of the facilities to be established on the road and the road continue without interruption. Our hope is the revival of the economy in Kahta with the opening of the bridge. Business people will come to our district, which will get rid of the dead-end street, and will open large businesses. In this way, the economy of our district will be revitalized and the unemployment problem will be solved. ”

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