Niksarda Safe Tractor Training

📩 21/12/2018 17:30

Safe Tractor Operation Training in Niksar: Training seminar was given to tractor drivers in Niksar district of Tokat. In Safe Tractor Usage Training Seminar sür was organized for tractor drivers within the scope of Road Traffic Safety Action Plan.
Niksar District Police Department Traffic Registration and Supervision Office and Regional Traffic Supervision Station in cooperation with the local safety of the summer months to come and the use of tractor due to the high level of the tractor, Niksarlı tractor drivers for the safe use of agricultural vehicles information seminar was given. The reasons of tractor accidents, driver and vehicle defects in tractor accidents, equipment required to be found on tractors, considerations in inspections, load and passenger transport principles of tractors were given to the participants with the help of slides.
Traffic Registration and Supervision Office Supervisor Osman Tunç, Regional Traffic Supervision Station Chief Bilal Kürşat Kılıçarslan, the purpose of the training in the use of motor vehicles used by citizens in the safest way, people to protect their lives and goods safely before taking measures to prevent accidents to be recorded.

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