Road Works in Nazilli OSB Continue

Road Works in Nazilli OSB Continues: The works on the Nazilli Organized Industrial ring road continue rapidly. Works are continuing on the connection roads from the Organized Ring Road to the Small Industrial Site.
While the Organized Ring Road studies initiated by Nazilli Municipality continue with its speed, new ways of connection are opened to the Nazili Small Industrial Site from the Organized Environment Road. In the works carried out by Nazilli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, 1004, which extends from the Organized Peripheral Road to the Small Industrial Site expansion area, completed the sprinkling, sewage and mains water laying works on the street and provided the ground stabilization of the 200 meter-long 20 meter-wide street. Nazilli Municipality, 1004 street edge stone paving stones by performing the process of paving, paving stone continues to work. When the paving stone works are completed, Nazilli Municipality will be laid a total of 4000 square cobblestones to the existing road. When the road construction works have been completed, the Industrial Site will be expanded and Nazilli Industry site will be enlarged.
Mayor Haluk Aliccık, who took information from the authorities by examining the road works on site, expressed that they have given way to new roads and added, lar With the Organized Ring Road, where we continue to work with large investments, we are opening new spacious roads whose infrastructure has been completely completed. When the road works are completed in this region, the industrial site expands and paves the way for the opening of new workplaces.
Nazilli Industrial Estate tradesmen and citizens expressed their satisfaction with the road to work, the Mayor of the Municipality of Haluk Ali and thanked the staff.

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