MTOSB Wanting Highway Connection

MTOSB Requests Highway Connection: Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (MTOSB), which makes one-third of Mersin's exports and provides employment to 12 thousand people, is experiencing a serious road problem due to lack of motorway connection. MTOSB Manager Halil Yilmaz, "All we want is the connection to the highway as soon as possible" he said.
The only entrance gate to the MTOSB, located in the middle of the Mersin-Tarsus highway, is approximately 29 kilometers. The region, where there is a busy vehicle and human traffic every day, is experiencing great distress due to its contribution to the economy of Mersin, due to the fact that the traffic congestion is increasing day by day. 400 growing and growing approval. Even the most important problem of the OSOS to meet the current demands of MTOSB'nin road, especially the lack of motorway connection, indicating that the MTOSB Manager Halil Yilmaz, made a statement to his correspondent on the subject. One of the vital vessels of Mersin economy, MTOSB, 400-3 thousand people a day with the 4 thousand people in the output-output that draws attention, the region's only D 20 highway to be condemned and the highway connection they want for years to live a great difficulty in bringing the companies said. Although there are almost all motorways connected to the motorway next to the highway, Yilmaz pointed out that it is not in MTOSB, yol The industrialist coming here comes out of Tarsus, comes here by extending the 25 mileage or if he wants to use the D 400 highway. Coming soon. This is job loss, loss of fuel, national wealth. The staff here does not want to come. Because at least the 23-400 clock is lost on the way. This also forces staff. The same goes for the industrialists here. So this highway connection should be done as soon as possible O said.
Regarding the issue, both Mersin highways 5. When he came to the Regional Directorate and to Mersin, he told them that they had given a file to the Minister of Transport and forwarded their demands. Yok We think that we are doing our job here as OIZ, erek said Yilmaz, emphasizing that this problem is not only the problem of the region. It's just at the Karaduvar junction. However, these outputs will also relax the D 400 highway. Because we are linked to our large companies, we are currently doing entry-exit of 4 thousand vehicles per day to organized industrial zones. 3. OSB and Logistics Specialized OSB'un with the implementation of the number of vehicles per day will be 8 thousand. It is not possible for the current road to lift such a vehicle. If it is currently crashing, then it is not possible. We have to do this. It is not just us, we need to speak about the leaders of the whole city. Currently we expect news from the General Directorate of Highways. We're going to go a little bit more without getting tired of it. Because the road problem is the most important problem for us, Çünkü he said.
Yilmaz, Tarsus Hali'nin outside of the highway connection to the Mersin Hali'a extending a parallel path to the road that reminded me of the 400 highway reminded. Stressing that this road is a sine qua non for the city, Yılmaz said, u It is what industrialists want in all the meetings we do here. I think that's what the city wants. In addition, this parallel path will not only relieve the OIZ, but also other big companies on this route. Because they have no way to use them other than D 400. There is an accident, they are waiting for tails for hours in the slightest hitch. D If the road runs parallel to 400, at least the trucks use it. This road is in the plan but there is no application in any way Bu he said.
Yilmaz, d drew attention to the danger in the railway passing between 400 and MTOSB, said: There are also services that carry the employees. A few months ago, we had an event that we didn't want to live at all, and the 4 in the shuttle van died in a train crash. If this parallel road had been opened, the vehicle would have crossed over the railroad and it would not have been an accident. Today, this 20 thousand people entering and exiting from there have to pass through that level crossing and are uneasy. This way can be considered as a very serious security measure. Çok
Yilmaz said they did not know what happened behind the lack of approval for the highway connection, but the region's industrialists wanted to make this connection as soon as possible Yilmaz, said: an Our big companies for the highway connection, 'If we have something to help us, too, let us help We need this road. Our factory is entering the 300-400 TIR per day 'they say. So our companies are ready to offer financial support, 'Enough to be done, whatever is ours we are ready to do,' they say. Our only wish is to realize this highway connection as soon as possible. Bizim

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