Mayor Aydin: Sivas Speed ​​train should change route

Mayor Aydın: Sivas The high-speed train route should be changed. Sami Aydın, Mayor of Sivas, said that the construction plan that started in the last period and did not cease to exist in the reconstruction plan, complained about the city's distorted construction and the approaches of the citizens. Aydin, the high-speed train line through the city as they are against the passing, said the route should change.

At a press conference, Sami Aydın said that they wanted the zoning revision plan to come out with a common mind, and that they did not have the plan inside. The city's distorted construction of the city complaining about the approach of citizens with parcels Aydin, the old management and the author did not want to criticize the plan, but the idealist approach, he said away from the plan.

Mayor Sami Aydın, who also made statements about the high-speed train line, wanted to change the route, not to the high-speed train station, but to the fact that they were against the city wandering in the city. Head of the city in the city as 5 m height of the walk will stress the great problems for Sivas stressing the President Aydin, a technical team from Ankara will come back to review the line said.

Kızılırmak project related to the project that they want from various companies in the President Aydin meeting in the City Square in the Old City Hall behind the Historical Governorate will be demolished the demolition of the buildings around the Governorate and other units said that the buildings around the governor said.

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