Workers from Izmir to be Transported to Manisa OSB by Train

Workers from Izmir will be Moved to Manisa OSB by Train: Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB) Director Funda Karaboran said that the workers coming to İZBAN and Menemen will move to MOSB from the transfer station in Menemen.

Remarking on the transportation problems of the workers, Karaboran reminded that 27 thousand workers go to Izmir from Manisa daily and started working to solve the problem. Stating that they have developed solutions for personnel transportation from every point where the İZBAN line is used in İzmir, Karaboran stated that they have signed a project with TCDD in this context. Karaboran said, “We are building a second railway line with the project. Its construction continues. It will be completed in August. ”

Noting that Menemen will be a transfer station, Karaboran said:

“Until Menemen, the individual will come on his own or companies will organize. It will be possible to reach our Logistics Center in 30 minutes from Menemen. We currently have an 8-kilometer railroad. We just make a new fork inside. There are 27 thousand workers and departures per day from İzmir to Manisa. We are talking more than 3 thousand 5 thousand numbers that have been said for years. We rent a motorcycle. Mototren will bring 400-600 people at a time. Expeditions will be made entirely in accordance with the shift system. ”
Will be engaged in September

Giving information that train transportation will start in September, Karaboran said that negotiations with the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, which will extend from the city to OSB, also continue. Karaboran said that with the commissioning of the two systems, transportation and industrialists will relax.

Adding that the workers brought to MOSB will be distributed from here to the factories, Karaboran stated that thanks to this project, İzmir-Manisa highway traffic will also be relieved.



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