Malatya Freeway in Thousand 200

Malatya Ring Road Thousand 200 Days Will Be Left: General Directorate of Highways for the Malatya Freeway, which has not been started for a long time, has officially started the process by publishing the Uzun procurement notice Mal.
The tender announcement published by the Directorate General of Highways Construction and Consultancy Tenders Branch on the Malatya (North) Ring Road, anı Earthworks, art structures, bridges, plentmiks lower foundation and plentmiks basic and bituminous hot mixture coating etc. work will be done altında title is published under the name.
The General Directorate of Highways used the name "Malatya Ring Road" for the project known as "North Ring Road", and shared the following statement in the tender announcement; “Construction works of Malatya Peripheral Highway KM: 0 + 000 - 44 + 800 sections (including Connection Road KM: 0 + 000 - 8 + 667.39 sections) will be tendered by certain tenderers according to article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 20. 6 candidates who are listed according to the criteria specified in the pre-qualification specifications will be invited to bid.
Only among the companies to be selected among the selected tenderers will be made between the Malatya Ring Road Tender as a whole 12 2014 June 14.30 200'da General Directorate of Highways Construction and Consultancy Tenders Branch was recorded. N Duration of work ”for the Malatya Freeway was specified as one thousand 15 days. Following the conclusion of the contract after the completion of the tender process of highways, the delivery of the ground will be carried out within XNUMX days and the construction of the road will be started.
Malatya Freeway will be completed in July 2017 if there is no problem in the tender process and there is no problem in the transfer of allowance. The distance between Malatya Highway, which is about 54 kilometers long, will be made between Pütürge road distinction and Airport road separation.



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