İzmit tram project will solve traffic problem

Izmit tram project will solve the traffic problem: İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, president of Kocaeli Büyükeşhir Municipality, said that the most suitable and best alternative to bring comfort to public transportation in İzmit city center is the tram project, and that the work on this issue is continuing rapidly.

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu acknowledges that the most important problems in the city are traffic and transportation problems. In this five-year period, all our priorities will be to relieve transportation and traffic problems as much as possible. Bu

President Karaosmanoğlu said: imiz Two large shopping mall complexes are being built in our city. While we gave them permission to zoning, we also called for new intersections. On the D-100, the company Kavanlar will make a bridge crossing that will cost 15-20 million TL. The protocol was signed with Esas Holding, the owner of the new shopping mall complex, which started on the old Gölcük road. A bridge junction will be built by Esas Holding. Our goal is to make at least 4-5 new bridges at critical junctions. We don't have enough crossings. But with the new projects, problems will be alleviated in the most troubled areas of the city. Ama

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu also said that the Old Istanbul Road will be used in this period, Y This road can be double. Or as high as the current Kandıra way, high-quality round-the-way route can be made. We will make an alternative way to Iznik from Karamursel. The Highways have to help us with these great things. In the past, we have seen the support of our Minister Nihat Ergün. In this period, I am confident that our Minister Fikri Işık will closely follow these issues. Bu Karaosmanoglu, Metropolitan again determined to take new buses, "the summer season in our city's beach areas will take the necessary measures for the convenience of families," he said.

Karaosmanoglu, Izmit city center to bring convenience to public transportation is the best, the best alternative to tram project, the work on this issue continues rapidly, he said. Karaosmanoglu, after the high-speed train, Adapazari-Istanbul line will start the very luxurious commuter train, will continue to work on this issue, said that the continued work, "The train will be very comfortable. I would also prefer to take a train trip to Ankara, to Istanbul. Ben

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