He ran to İZBAN, where he pulled his car into the parking lot.

He ran to İZBAN, where he pulled his car into the parking lot: 37 of İZBAN passengers appeared to have a private car. İzmirs prefer İZBAN instead of using private cars.

A study conducted at Ege University revealed that 37 percent of the passengers using İZBAN are private vehicle owners or partners, yet prefer the rail system in urban transportation. EGE University Faculty of Engineering Civil Engineering Department Assoc. The graduation thesis titled “Before and After Izmir Suburban System Study” prepared by Samet Şen under the direction of Yalçın Alver revealed that 37 percent of İZBAN passengers own private vehicles. According to the result of the research, nearly 20 thousand private vehicle owners or partners prefer İZBAN instead of using their private cars. Thus, while congestion and fuel consumption are reduced, it also helps to prevent environmental pollution.

Comforting Altınyol
While the traffic relief experienced in Altınyol, which connects the Northern Region of Izmir to the center, is attributed to this feature of İZBAN, the most important proof of this is that the parking lots in front of the stations are always full. Especially in the parking lot in front of Mavişehir and Aliağa stations, vehicle owners find it difficult to find a place. 55 percent of the private vehicle owners who participated in the survey stated that IZBAN preferred 1 day a week, 20 percent 2-3 days, and 21 percent 4-5 days.

Services are also disabled
Shortly after İZBAN started pre-operation with passengers on August 30, 2010, businesses in Çiğli and Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone also disabled personnel services. This application, based on the convenience of İZBAN, of the workplaces that distribute public transportation cards to its employees, has also significantly reduced the road vehicle traffic in the northern region.

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