Due to irresponsible drivers, tariffs in Flood

Due to the irresponsible drivers, tariffs in Scholarships in Bursa are shaken: Tram services, which started to operate in Bursa in October last year, continue to be interrupted by irresponsible drivers who park their vehicles on the tracks.

Despite all the warnings of traffic teams and citizens, some drivers are parked on the tram line. Passengers have to wait for the tram that does not arrive on time due to their car parks. Security officers working on the T1 line call the police and ask for help. Increasing the number of passengers and carrying thousands of passengers per day on the Silkworm rails, stating that the drivers parked their vehicles, causing the reaction of the citizens.

This morning, the 10 meters to the tram stop, a car parked on the rails, although the right side of the road was empty, caused the 10 minute interruption of the voyages. The officials who warned the driver who came late encountered an unexpected answer. I I had a 5 minute job. Where was I going to park?, The driver got into his car and drove away quickly.

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