Investments should be increased in logistics sector

Logistics Sector Investment should be increased: Logistics Industry Investment should be increased 2 Continue in Turkey, 90 billion dollars, up witha large and over 2 thousand small even prompted increased investment for the development of the logistics industry, which hosts companies
In Logistics Sector
Investments should be increased in Turkey, prompted by increasing the volume up to 90 billion dollars of investments for the further development of the logistics industry, which houses large and small companies over 2 thousand.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB) Ahmet Hamdi Güraoğan, in his statement, said that the international trade has a great influence on increasing its competitive advantage.
International trade and operations will increase the added value of international transportation and logistics services at the beginning of the factors that express the arrival of Gürdoğan, companies, logistics costs, minimizing the economic and socio-economic development, play an important role in the development of the region's logistics centers that play an important role, he said.
Stating that the 2014 version of the World Bank Global Logistics Performance Index was last published on March 21, 2014, Gürdoğan said: “In the 2014 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) report, Germany is the country with the best logistics performance index in the world, while Somalia is the most became a country with a low score. As in the previous versions, it was seen in the 2014 report that the countries with high income levels took the lead in the ranking of the 10 best performing countries in the world. When the indices are analyzed by countries, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg are countries that do not contain heavy traffic in terms of loading and unloading, but according to the LPI index, they are considered as the countries with logistic excellence in the world.
Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands are always at the top of the list.
If Turkey had followed a roller coaster course points to 2014 points in 2014 and dropped to 3,50 30'y it declined to order. The rating is based on all the neighboring countries that are most countries outside Turkey. " Gurdogan, pointing out that Turkey is the target of 2018 to enter into the top 20 in the rankings, "in 2023, $ 500 billion in exports, which means to fold our share in total world exports in 10 years about three.
The fact that exports are doubled is a country that has to increase its logistic weight every day. However, thanks to its geographical location, young and dynamic population, Turkey can become an important logistics base in the world.
Turkey, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Mediterranean companies triple the growth rate of new markets and more economical, environmentally friendly, means of quickly delivering services, "he said.
-“The necessity of logistics village areas is increasing” Pointing out that the necessity of logistics village areas is increasing day by day in order to accelerate the growth in the logistics sector and to have a competitive structure with the world countries, Gürdoğan continued as follows: “Logistic village structures that trigger the economic development of the regions where they are established, transport companies for a smoother supply chain flow, more efficient use of warehouses, vehicles and manpower, and increased turnover. kazanmeans three. As of the current situation, we see that Turkey does not get a share from the global logistics market in terms of economic realizations at the scale of its potential. However, our country has the potential to successfully carry out the task of transportation and transfer center or transportation connection point, as it is a country between its regions in terms of its geostrategic and geopolitical characteristics. Emphasizing that the logistics industry in Turkey is home to more than 90 large and small companies with a volume of 2 billion dollars, Gürdoğan said: "Even though the industry has had relatively difficult days due to the economic crisis in Europe and the problems in the Middle East, turned to new markets and closed 2013 with a growth of approximately 10 percent. Outsourced logistics services, on the other hand, constitute 36 percent of the Turkish market with a size of 40 billion dollars. While the volume of the logistics sector, which has reached 8 trillion dollars in the world, is stagnant after the crises experienced, Turkey's 90 billion lira logistics sector volume has the capacity to grow approximately 3 times in the next 3 years.

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