The first green station opened in Kerpen-Horrem

The first green station opened in Kerpen-Horrem: the first station, part of the DB's green station projects, opened at the Kerpen Horrem station, which is located between Aachen and Cologne.

According to the DB (German Rail Systems) claim, the CEO of the DB, which does not have the principle of CO2 emission in Europe, is CEO. Opened by Rüdiger Grube. The construction of the station cost 4,3 million € while the 1 million € EU Sustainable Stations Project, 1 m € for the German Government, 1,3 Million North Rhine Westphalia and 300.000 € for the city of Kerpen.

Horrem station combines modern ecological standards with advanced technology.

The skeletal structure is based on five x five meters modules. This can be combined to meet the needs of the station when using the existing space. The design includes a large glass surface and interior light reflective systems, which makes it possible to maximize natural light. Approximately% 52 of the front face of the building is glass.

In addition to benefiting from sunlight in the most efficient manner, this glass will also support heating of the station in winter. There is a geothermal system for heating and cooling, which has the capacity of heating 29 kW and cooling of 37 kW.

The roof of the building was kept very large. This provides the required shadow for the photovoltaic system. The electricity need of the station will be provided from this photovoltaic system, which will generate electricity at 31.000 kWh. Hot water will be supplied from a solar thermal system and rainwater will be used in toilet flushes.

Plants, grass and spice plants will be planted on the roof. This roof structure and environmental arrangement are designed to reduce the heat dissipated by the building.

The station is made of timber and made of glass and skateboard. The use of materials of the region is preferred in construction, thus reducing CO2 emissions from material transport. Therefore, due to being a local product, the skateboard was chosen in the construction of Horrem station.

On the other hand, the station offers advanced technology services. USB charging ports are provided in the seating and Wi-Fi is also available in the DB service store. Soon there is a bus station and there are park and meat and bin areas.

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