First Indigenous Trobeylüs Re Transportation (Photo Gallery)

First Domestic Trobeylüs is in Re-Access: The first domestic trolleybus, which was produced in 1968, was re-established in Istanbul and started its journey.

Faydalan Tosun yerli, the first domestic trolleybus produced in 1968 with the superior efforts of a few IETT staff and limited facilities, was restored by taking advantage of the remaining photographs. In order to revive the memories of 1960, Tosun started to serve with the number of 87 on Edirnekapı-Taksim line.

History of Tosun

It was purchased from France in 1955 but it was withdrawn from the service because it was not suitable for public transportation. It was used as special purpose vehicles within the private administration.

IETT's staff have been converted to trolleybus at 1968 after several months of work. The vehicle was converted into trolleybus and named as çevr Tosun Tr.

The first domestic trolley bus b Tosun .T started the expedition at the end of 1968 and 16 provided service without any problems during the year. Tosun went into service on almost all trolleybus lines of IETT.

16 Tosun was removed from the expedition on July 1984 and was taken to IETT scrap car park at Yedikule Gas House but unfortunately it has not been kept as un first domestic trolleybus X. For this reason, he left behind a few old photographs.

Restoring Tosun

In order to revive Tosun and the memories it carries, today's IETT administration produced a similar look at Tositelli workshops on the chassis of an old bus withdrawn from the service in the last months of 2013. Manufactured under the consultancy of Akın Kurtoğlu and Mustafa Noyan, working in the field of transportation history, Tosun now makes nostalgic trips with the number 87, provided that it operates motorized on the Edirnekapı-Taksim line.

Tosun's driver said that from time to time Tosun met passengers who remembered his voyages in the 1960s, and that they had an interesting, soulful dialogue.

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