IETT flights in Kizilcek

IETT campaigns in Küçükçekmece are disrupted: Problems experienced in IETT flights in Küçükçekmece are on the agenda of IMM. Küçükçekmece Municipality and Council of IMM Av. Erhan Aslaner brought the problems of IETT bus services in Küçükçekmece District to the agenda of the parliament with the written question proposal prepared.

CHP Lioner before Halkalı-Sirkeci Train Schedules were done, reminding that the work has been removed due to Marmaray said, Marmar Marmaray rail transport system not made due to work (Halkalı-Sirkeci train flights instead of bus transportation, instead of a small transportation problem in the district of. Especially in the morning we had to wait a long time for the citizen to ride the bus. Again for many years in Küçükçekmece-Halkalı Inadequate service is provided in public transportation because it does not vote for the ruling party in Atakent Mahallesi. IETT remains insensitive to complaints about this issue. We would like to end the discriminatory treatment in Atakent Quarter ent

The meetings of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) on the June 2014 meetings of the Assembly held on Wednesday at 11.06.2014. Hunting. Erhan Aslaner, Fatih Ustunbas, Ercan Ulas Kaya and Ali Delen signed by the President of the Assembly and unanimously referred to the Presidency of the Board of Written question as follows;


PROVIDING QUESTIONS: CHP Council Members Av. Erhan Aslaner, Fatih Üstünbaş, Ercan Ulaş Kaya and Ali Delen

SUMMARY OF QUESTION PROPOSAL; Rail transport system not made due to Marmaray works (Halkalı- Divisional treatment on transportation in Atakent neighborhood due to transportation problems in our district of Küçükçekmece due to transportation by bus instead of sirkeci train flights.


1- Marmaray is a railroad which was previously built in our district in Küçükçekmece due to construction works (Halkalı- Sirkeci Train Schedules) passenger transport system is not available at the moment and instead it is transported by bus.

2-Küçükçekmece Tepe / Aksaray line IETT vehicles working in the morning they take the first departure Cennet -Yeni Neighborhood and the Republic neighborhood stops at the stops until the entrance to the door of the passengers are forced to ride on the door to catch up. This situation causes accidents due to transportation as well as accidents.

3-Küçükçekmece Municipality Council Member Turhan Dinç; IETT vehicles that have to ride the Sultanmurat Mah.- Fevziçakmak Mah. and Kemalpaşa Residents of the neighborhoods, it is not possible to get on the bus when it comes to the stops, the citizens of this issue encountered with the system and complaints.

4- We found that the citizen had to wait long to get on the bus, especially in the morning. Citizens as a solution proposal between 06.00 and 07.30 hours in the vicinity of the AKAR PETROL Office in the Sultanmurat neighborhood, the 17.00 and 18.30 evenings in the evening between the time they return and request that they can take advantage of the additional time.

5-Fatih Mahallesi / Yenibosna IETT 143 vehicle running in the morning and evening hours 4 er hours and this tool in the day to work on the same day there are demands. In the Canary and İnönü neighborhoods, it was very difficult for our citizens to benefit from the IETT vehicles in the morning and we witnessed that some of the vehicles were not able to ride even when they were standing and that a family was waiting close to the 45 minute to go to the hospital.

6- Inadequate service is provided in public transportation since it does not vote for the ruling party in the neighborhood of Atakent for many years. IETT remains insensitive to complaints about this issue.

QUESTIONS: Have the relevant units of IMM received Complaints & complaints from our citizens in these neighborhoods? If the complaints are received, has a study been conducted to resolve the complaints? Is there any effort to increase the number of buses and trips on the mentioned lines? If not, is such a study planned to solve the problem? Is it considered to end the discriminatory treatment in Atakent Neighborhood? We present to the Assembly. Best Regards.11.06.2014



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