Cargo Services Seminar at Hizan Vocational School

Shipping Services Seminar at Hizan Vocational School: Bitlis Eren University (BEU) Hizan Vocational School (Vocational School) organized a eri Cargo Services da seminar.
The seminar was held with the presentation of Medeni Timur, a Logistics Program student, and gave general information about cargo services. Relationship Timur, in the light of the information obtained from the internships and practices in the light of information obtained from the information gained by sharing with friends to increase the self-confidence of motivation, he said.
Speaking at the seminar where participants were able to use the information they could use in their daily life, Hacı Gürkan, lecturer at the Department of Management and Organization said, i The logistics sector is addressing a very wide area; In vocational and sectoral practice courses, students are directed to the areas they are interested in and can be successful in and they achieve success. In addition, it is aimed that our students share their experiences with other students and exchange information. These applications will contribute to the personal development of the students. Bu



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