Herekede Signage Fiasco

Herekede Signboard Fiasco: The highway sign in Hereke states how many kilometers to Kocaeli is. This situation creates a perception as if Hereke is not within the borders of Kocaeli. However, the sign actually shows how many kilometers to Izmit.
A traffic sign on the E-80 highway within the boundaries of Hereke, within the boundaries of the Körfez district, creates the perception that Hereke is not connected to Kocaeli. On the sign that makes it look like you are outside of Koeaeli in Hereke, it says that there is 23 kilometers to Kocaeli. Hereke Kocaeli i! As it is within the boundaries of this, this situation creates astonishment for those who see the sign.
The Kocaeli sign in Hereke actually shows how many kilometers are left to Izmit.

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