President Sahin gets hard on the issue of tram from France

President Sahin hardly received the issue of tram from France: Gaziantep-France claims about the purchase of the tram in the Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin and Ak Party Provincial Chairman Ahmet Uzer spoke for the first time.

Sahin, claims about the team's work and the net figure will share with the public, he said. Uzer said, a Let him go to the prosecutor's office with the information in his hand. Asım When the President comes, we sit and talk. No one can drop us into each other. Kimse

Different figures on the price of the 28 tramway from France continue to occupy the Gaziantep agenda. Asim Güzelbey'in said: bey I remember that the 5 million euros have been paid for the trams. It is necessary to ask Settar Çanlıoğlu if he has been paid too much ün and then he made a statement at the Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin and the Chairman of the Ak Parti Province Ahmet Uzer.


Fatma Şahin stated that he watched the developments from the media and said iz There is no speculation about technical issues. I told you before, I'm telling you again. Asim Guzelbey, especially in this city to serve everyone, God bless. They try to confront us with different numbers via local media and social media. I think this is a misunderstanding or incomplete information. I told my team about different numbers, they're working on it right now. I will share it with the public when the net figure comes out. We have come to produce services. We never come to the politics of gossip and sedition. D


AK Party Provincial Chairman Ahmet Uzer, made important statements about the allegations. . We are a big party, we are a big family,. Said Uzer. If we have a problem, we'll sit down and talk between ourselves. As regards Fatima Şahin, we have not even the smallest statement about the past period of Asım Bey. However, someone is trying to blur the public, as if there was something like that. Buna


Uzer underlined that they worked together with Asim Guzelbey for the 10 year and said, lar We are civilized courageous people who can come together. Let no one try to fish on us in fuzzy water. If misunderstandings after Asim Bey returned to Turkey, we talked sits. On the issue of trams, in the hands of documents, information, if any, go to the prosecutor's office, make a criminal complaint. This place is not a tent, somewhere 5 million, somewhere 7 million is being written. No one should abandon Asim Guzelbey. Fatma Sahin also put our president in a difficult situation. No one should try to provide political rent from us. Everybody's doing his job. Nobody, try to drop the AK Party in Gaziantep each other, we do not allow it, "he said.


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