The Railroad Workers' Strike Continues in France

Strike by Railroad Workers in France: The meeting between the Minister of Transport and trade union representatives has yielded no results.
The strike launched yesterday by workers of the national railway administration in France paralyzes train transportation across the country.

No results were achieved at the meeting of Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier this morning with union representatives calling for strikes.

Union executives at the meeting in the evening, to decide whether to continue the strike.

On the second day of the strike, 50 percent of scheduled train services were canceled due to the strike across the country. In the Paris region, only two of the three scheduled trains are made.

The government aims to unite the two national railway companies and administration companies under a single roof and to open the train services for free competition conditions due to the accumulated debts.

The draft law submitted by the government will be discussed at the general assembly on 17 June. The government warns that the debt of the railroad administration amounted to 40 billion euros, and if the necessary measures are not taken, the debt will reach 2025 billion euros by 80.

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