The government in France does not step back despite a railway strike (Video)

In France, the government is not stepping back despite a railway strike: Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced that they would not compromise the reform package, which attracted the workers 'reaction, as the railroad workers' strike started across the country on Wednesday.

"This strike has no use, we have been negotiating with unions for 18 months, the conditions in which the country is in, and especially the day of the strike on the day when high school graduation exams begin," said Valls.

Valls to the parliament, as demanded by the unions of the draft bill is not possible to withdraw Valls noted, however, the resolution of the General Assembly resolutions can be improved, he said.

Due to the strike on its sixth day, domestic and international expeditions dropped significantly on Monday.

The strike is also closely related to the students and their parents because of the completion of high school graduation and university entrance examinations. The Ministry of Education announced that it would provide flexibility for students who might be delayed due to transportation problems.

The government aims to unite two national railway companies and administration companies under a single roof and to open train services to free competition due to the accumulated debts.

The draft law submitted by the government will be discussed at the general assembly on 17 June. The government warns that the railway administration's debt has reached 40 billion euros, warning that if the necessary measures are not taken, the debt will reach 2025 billion euros by 80.



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