Elazığ Galericiler Sitesi Road Construction Started

Elazig Galericiler Sitesi Road Construction Started: Elazig Municipality in the center of the city to solve the parking lot and to get the vehicle in the same day all the shopkeepers who want to tour the same venue in the construction began in the past months, Galericiler Sitesi construction continues, Road construction began.
The teams started to work before the construction of the Galericiler Sites which is under construction on the South Ring Road.
While the zero asphalt pavement was built within the boulevard and Asri cemetery located between Salıbaba Quarter and Çatalçeşme, the excavation and filling arrangement was made in the Pertek road and the new terminal site. Especially in winter due to the winter roads in the Asri Cemetery to be taken care of and then began to be paved, the grave was welcomed by the citizens of the visit.
Sarf Although they started to work a short time ago, even with the work done in the city even they are able to gain appreciation of the public and therefore they are happy, Yan said the Mayor of Elazığ Mücahit Yanılmaz, ına Our headmen of the neighborhood have been honoring us after the general cleaning and Thank you. This pleases us, but these processes are already routine services that local governments should do. Hopefully, we will have carried out the projects that we have given before the elections one by one, and then we will move Elazig to a much better point. İn



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