Obligation for Electric Bikes

Obligation to Certify on Electric Bicycles: Mersin Police Department warned the drivers to carry documents as electric bicycles with speed of 25 kilometers per hour are included in the motor bike class.
In the written statement made by the Mersin Police Department, reminding the amendment made in the Highway Traffic Regulation dated August 2, 2013, it was stated that electric bicycles with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour are also classified as motorized bicycles. For this reason, it has been noted that for these vehicles, it is necessary to apply to the Traffic Registration Branch Directorates together with the certificate of conformity, ownership certificate, document indicating that SCT is paid and the documents indicating that the compulsory liability insurance has been made and by obtaining the Traffic Registration Certificate and the Traffic Certificate.
According to the Highway Traffic Law No.2918 for those who go to traffic without registration, they will be temporarily banned from traffic until the registration process is completed and drivers who use this vehicle must obtain an 'A1' class driver's license. “In addition, they are two or three wheels with or without a basket with or without a basket, with a maximum design speed of 45 kilometers per hour or a cylinder capacity of more than 50 cubic centimeters, with a net engine power of 15 kilowatts, a net weight of 400 kilograms, and for freight users, four wheeled motor vehicles with a net weight not exceeding 550 kilograms. Drivers using this vehicle must also have an 'A2' class driver's license. It has been made obligatory to wear protection caps and goggles for electric bicycle riders subject to and not subject to registration, and protective hoods for passengers. Drivers who do not comply will be fined in accordance with Article 78 / 1b of the Highways Traffic Law. "



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