Diyarbakır-Bingöl Highway Opened After 23 Days

Diyarbakır-Bingöl Highway Opened 23 Days Later: After 23 days of clashes, road closures and ditch digging due to the protests of the gendarmerie station and dam constructions, the Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway ended the actions taken with the call of Abdullah Öcalan and the statement of the KCK. opened. The protesting group announced that from now on they will continue their protests inside the tent they will set up in the Çelik Bridge area; It has been reported that road construction works on the bridge in the Çelik region, where there were previous conflicts, have been resumed as of today.
The Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway, which has not been able to provide a healthy transportation because of the ditches and clashes and protests with security forces from time to time, has been opened to traffic for 23 days against the police stations and dams in Diyarbakır's Lice district.
With the call of Abdullah Öcalan in İmralı and the statement of the KCK administration from Kandil, it was stated that the protests would continue as a sit-in in the tents to be set up in the region. The protesting group said that they will comply with the statement made by the KCK and the call of Abdullah Öcalan for a democratic struggle in this direction and that they will continue their actions in the tent they will set up by removing the road checkpoints they have established with the road blockage action.
While the Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway, where healthy transportation could not be made for 23 days due to the protests and where transportation took place with military armored vehicles from time to time, was opened to traffic today, it was seen that the construction machines started to work on the construction of the steel bridge, which was the scene of the clashes of the demonstrators and security forces for days. While the ditches opened on the road were closed, it was seen that the soldiers removed the checkpoints on the road and told the incoming and outgoing vehicles that the road was open. While it has been seen that the transportation that was made through Hani District before, is now via Fisova, the traces of the protests and conflicts that lasted for 23 days still remain in the region.
During the 23-day road cutting, ditch digging and clashes to protest the construction of the police station and dam in the region, 2 people lost their lives and many people, including soldiers, were injured. Receiving information about the developments, Abdullah Öcalan, who was in İmralı, received a written statement from the KCK on Saturday upon the order to avoid actions that would force non-conflict. In its statement, the KCK demanded that acts such as cutting roads, establishing public order points, kidnapping soldiers and police should be put to an end, and instead, different actions in a democratic style should be preferred.

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