Derince Port Reaches New Owner

Derince Port Gains Its New Owner: The privatization tender of Derince Port, which belongs to the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), for 39 years, with the method of "granting the operating rights", with 543 million dollars, Safi Solid Fuel Industry and Trade kazanwas.

Together with Safi Solid Fuel, Yılport Holding and Kumport Port Operations participated in the tender.

In the closed round, the highest bid was in 434 million dollars, and the auction started with 438 million dollars. The tender developed as follows:

  • 438 1 million dollars in the auction starting in the price 448 million dollars went out.
  • Firms make an increase of 1 million dollars each. The price is 457 million dollars.

  • Yearly price Xnumx million dollars brought out, Kumport 461, Safi said 462 million dollars.

  • Price 470 is worth $ 1 million

  • The auction continues rapidly. The last offer came from Yılport with $ 479 million.

  • Kumport 486 is up to million dollars

  • The price goes to 500 million dollars. Three companies are increasing in succession.

  • Safi Fuel increased the price to 500 million dollars, Yılport took a break ...

  • Yılport withdrew from the tender after the break, the price of the 520 million dollars output

  • Time for a break at Kumport ... The price is 535 million dollars.

  • Bidding resumed

  • Kumport withdrew from the tender and the tender was awarded with 543 million dollars of Pure Solid Fuel. kazanwas.

Safi Fuel company is under Safi Holding, whose foundations were laid in 1965. Within the holding, there are maritime, food and real estate companies.

Safi Gayrimenkul, on the other hand, competed with Setur, affiliated to the Koç Group, in the Fener-Kalamış Marina tender, which was tendered recently.

Derince Port located in Kocaeli, Bursa, Istanbul and Turkey's proximity is seen as one of the most important export and import gate.

The first auction held in January by the Privatization Administration (PA) and the 6 company was canceled because the participants did not bid on the auction tour, whose initial amount was 516 million dollars.


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