Citizen to Paradise metrobus stop surprise

Cennet metrobus stop surprise for the Citizens: Cennet metrobus stop was canceled together with the bridge due to the renovation works of the Küçükçekmece Paradise Bridge.

In the works that will last for 2 months, the bridge will be removed and the underpass will be replaced and the entrance to the metrobus stop will be provided in this way.

This morning, those who wanted to take the metrobus in Cennet were shocked. Due to the maintenance of the Heaven Bridge, the metrobus stop was closed by the municipality. Those who want to get on the metrobus will remove the pedestrian overpass as of Sunday, 22.06.2014, when the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality hangs at the entrance of the stop and the Cennet Metrobus Station will be closed for 60 days due to renovation works. Announced to our public ”.

Passengers coming from Beylikdüzü and Zincirlikuyu direction had to get off at the next stop because the stop was closed. The fact that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality did not inform the public in advance drew reaction. According to the claim, the bridge is blocked by some of the newly built Koru Florya houses and is being removed due to visual pollution. While the entrance to the metrobus will be from the next stop, Yeşilova, the underpass will be put into service after 2 months.

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